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Don’t know about you – but I’m just sure that AVN made the right choice in 2009 (as well as XBIZ in 2010). Meet Wendy Williams – AVN transsexual performer of 2009! Applause… More applause!!! :) I also can’t take my eyes off Wendy’s outfit here on these pics – it outlines her sexy curves so damn well! Oh you prefer this red-haired tranny in her birthday suit? Well, this site will show her to you this way.

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tn-wendy-williams-string-bikini-01   tn-wendy-williams-string-bikini-02

I knew I would get horny in a blink of an eye seeing Wendy Williams in a string bikini but… Well, this red-haired beauty has prepared an even better show for all her watchers including you and me – see her taking her tiny panties off nice and slow here! That can get anyone even more than just horny – that can make you cum in mere seconds! Just can’t get enough of this scene – as well as of its full version available here.

tn-wendy-williams-string-bikini-03   tn-wendy-williams-string-bikini-04

tn-wendy-williams-domination-01  tn-wendy-williams-domination-02

I know you are probably quite used to perceiving this transsexual red-haired vixen as a solo poser or as a mainstream hardcore porn star but… Tonight you will see something special – a TS Wendy Williams domination photo scene! All free, as usual, by the way. As for me, Wendy looks just gorgeous playing the rough domina – and her leashed sub complements her look perfectly well. Click here if you want to see this scene whole – and on video.

tn-wendy-williams-domination-03  tn-wendy-williams-domination-04