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Dreaming of a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day next year? Why wait for it – TS Wendy Williams wants you to be her Valentine right now! This ginger-haired dickgirl is going to give you a treatment you will never forget – the way she looks on this pic, staring into the cam with that little impatient smile on her lips… Boy, it makes me shiver! See what goodie-goodie posing is followed by here!

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The screencaps from the latest Wendy Williams webcam show are not only hot as hell – they are very informative too. Here you will see this shemale vixen showing her body off, playing with her tits, big booty and massive shaft as well as revealing her sexual preferences to her chatmate. See her favorite porn DVD right in this post – and click here if you want to see how much it excites her. ;)


Here comes the most controversial couple (of friends though) in the whole world – TS Wendy and Buck Angel. Chick with a dick and man with a pussy… They are matching each other perfectly, don’t you find? Hey, Buck, if you ever get to read this – please, let Wendy fuck your pussy – that would be the best transsexual show of all times! And for now – let’s see Wendy’s other extreme feats here.

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What do you like most about adorable red-haired shemale Wendy Williams? Her adorable face? Her big dick? Her nice-sized titties maybe? Speaking about myself, I would claim that big bouncy ass to be the hottest part of her totally blameless body. If you want to see more of this transsexual dreamboat ass, then go here – there are lots of pics by Wendy as well as other big-ass trannies.

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Just look at how smart and innocent Wendy Williams and Gia Darling look here. It’s just as though one is about to start playing the piano and the other one – about to start singing. However, I am more likely to believe that these two trannies are simply waiting for some music lover here – eager to put him down on the piano and skewer him with cocks! Click here to see what they are actually up to.

Congrats to Wendy – the Best Transsexual Performer award winner of 2010! Here in this Wendy Williams XBIZ Award video you will see our inimitable big-dicked red-haired vixen talking about the ones who helped her win this award and… Well, why don’t we also see what she won that award for, huh? All matchless porn feats of Wendy Williams are available here!

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Naughty transsexual Wendy Williams just couldn’t have picked a tee that would characterize her better, word. “A sucker for a big dick”… That’s so damn hilarious! But the hell with that tee – don’t you think that the things concealed underneath it are so much better? See Wendy taking it off for you to take a glance at her boobies – and hit her site if you want to see even more.

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Wendy Williams is definitely not the most decent tranny on Earth – just have a look at her taking her sexy clothes off nice and slow for you and then just getting down on all fours on the couch, turning her spare behind towards you. Wanna fuck that big ass, boy? Oh yeah, every single shemale porn lover wants it! Go here if you want to see even more of naked Wendy Williams.


You wanna know why Wendy Williams is so damn famous and where all her awards come from? Well, then TS Wendy Williams official website is a must-see destination for you. Here you will see Wendy as well as several dozens of her kitty friends (all shemales, of course) getting naked for you, handling their, each other’s and men’s cocks – and doing all the things that good shemale girls don’t do in front of camera. ;) All in all, there are well over 350 full-time movies and 21,000 pics here already and this showing is only growing bigger and bigger, thanks to regular updates. Awesome site!


Our red-haired star really loves hanging out with other t-girls – this is something that this TS Wendy Williams and Danielle Foxx pic shows perfectly well. It’s also great that Wendy loves doing all the hot things that hanging out together with other t-girls often leads to. ;) Click here if you want to see what I’m talking about. By the way, Danielle Foxx is so hot here on this picture – about as hot as Wendy herself.